A Girl and Her Adventure

Who says girls are not made for outdoor adventures? We can no longer say that only men tough enough to handle the challenge of outdoor adventure. A girl like you can also conquer the world. Moreover, outdoor adventure will give you new perspective about the natural life surrounding you and don’t forget, it is a good way to do exercise to keep your body in a good shape.

Outdoor adventure doesn’t always mean the extreme ones, although you can also do them when you want it. There are many outdoor activities you can do with lots of fun. It is like cross country or trekking as well as running on the beach and so much more. For girls, it isn’t only about the exercise but also about the style. Here at Stylerun, you can find an interesting example how outdoor activities and fashion style mixed together. It is a blog of a Vancouver based young woman who has so much passion with outdoor activities, traveling, and fashion. She shares her world through her blog telling good stories about her city and her adventure throughout the world. You will find it interesting to follow her journey and get the inspirations to explore the world surrounding you.

Stylerun will bring you to explore many beautiful sides of Vancouver especially many different spots to do outdoor activities. You can also learn about running events in this city and how you can take part on it. More than just Vancouver, you can also learn about her adventure all around the world learning about new places and find new adventures. That’s really interesting and eye-opening. As she shares her passion and love, it will encourage you to embrace healthier lifestyle and exercise more while keeping yourself in a good style. Like what people said: when you look great, you’ll do great.

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