How to Practice Lovingkindness Meditation



By practicing loving kindness meditation, we are transmitting our unconditional love out into the world. The “unconditional” part may be hard for some to grasp at first because it requires that the practitioner let go of their prejudices, misconceptions and personal interests, giving of themselves freely and to everyone and every living thing. This type of love is neither possessive nor melodramatic or sentimental. Rather, it comes from deep within us and is the result of a thorough understanding and acceptance of those we meditate on.

Regardless of whether or not sending unconditional love has a measurable effect on its recipients, by the end of each session it is you who should end up feeling warm, loved and refreshed, so every step of the way needs to ensure you get to that state. It all starts with taking up a comfortable position in a warm and welcoming space. Before visualization can begin, your breathing needs to reflect what you’re trying to accomplish. Take deep breaths from within your chest, and focus your thoughts on it as the center of the experience.

When you’re relaxed and centered, start visualizing how all of your negative aspects and self-perceptions are dissolving. Acknowledge the guilt, shame or regret and let it slowly fade away. Replace these strong negative feelings by love and warmth of equal strength directed towards yourself. Reinforce these by thinking of positive messages like, “May I be Happy” and repeat these a few times. There are a number of traditional ones you can draw upon, but it’s a good idea to accompany those with some genuine phrases you’ve come up with on your own.

Next, draw the same kind of attention to a loved one, someone you feel giving unconditional love to would feel the most natural. After you’ve accomplished this, continue doing the same for people to whom giving lovingkindness comes progressively harder for you. So, start with your best friend or a family member and work your way up through colleagues and acquaintances to those people you might have trouble standing, let alone loving earnestly. Genuinely feeling positively about someone like that will probably take you some time, but try as best you can until the feeling is as genuine for such a person as it is for the first one you sent your love to. Lastly, turn your thoughts completely outward and touch every living being with your love until you experience a deep sense of connection with all of life.


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